ABA Therapy Services Laurel MD

ABA Therapy Services: Laurel, MD

Children’s Milestone provides ABA therapy services in Laurel, MD. Applied behavior analysis is a highly effective type of therapy for children and adults with autism and other types of developmental delays or disorders. ABA is an evidence-based approach – several thousand published research studies have documented its effectiveness over the past 40 years. This type of therapy can help your child by promoting socially appropriate skills and decreasing socially inappropriate behaviors.

Benefits of ABA Therapy

At Children’s Milestone, we provide one-on-one ABA sessions tailored to your child’s individual needs. The treatments we provide are designed to improve your child’s functional living skills and quality of life as well as teaching them how to be as independent as possible. We offer direct ABA therapy, social skills training, and one-on-one sessions. At Children’s Milestone, we’ll use the proven techniques and procedures of Applied Behavioral Analysis to help your child gain the skills they need in life. For ABA therapy services in Laurel, MD, call Children’s Milestone!

Interesting Facts About ABA

✔ Applied Behavior Analysis is an evidence-based form of therapy. This means that it’s always growing and changing as more evidence is gathered.

✔ Up to 90% of those who receive intensive Applied Behavioral Analysis experience substantial improvements.

✔ Children receiving ABA are praised for positive behaviors, but they are never offered rewards ahead of time. This is to prevent positive reinforcement from functioning as a bribe.

✔ Applied Behavioral Analysis isn’t just for children with autism – it’s effective with all kinds of kids, whether they have autism or not. It’s a proven and effective method of therapy for all kinds of behavioral issues – including eating disorders and anxiety disorders.

For ABA therapy services in Laurel, MD, call Children’s Milestone today!